Watts Kwik III

Carbon ◆ Sediment ◆ Hollow Fibre

The Watts 3-Stage Kwik-Change Ultrafiltration Water Filter System is a low cost alternative to reverse osmosis. There is no reject water so 100% of the water runs through the system is used.

Since there is no tank and no drain connection necessary, installation is quick and easy. The Kwik III home ultrafiltration (UF) drinking water system will give you great tasting drinking water while leaving in essential nutrients.


System Includes the Following Parts:

◆ 3-Stage Filtration Unit
◆ 11" Sediment Cartridge
◆ Spigot/Faucet
◆ Tubing & Fittings
◆ 11" Carbon Block Cartridge
◆ 11" UF (Hollow Fiber) Membrane Cartridge
◆ John Guest Valve Connection
◆ Mounting Hardware