The E.SYBOX is an electronic water booster system for domestic and residential use. This inverter system provides the comfort of constant water pressure, all while saving energy too!

The E.SYBOX is suitable for potable water and in domestic plants for gardening and irrigation.

♦ The E.SYBOX is a self-priming, multi-stage pump with electronic inverter management.

♦ The pump has pressure & flow sensors, adjustable, high-resolution LCD display, and a 0.5 gallon expansion tank.

♦ Pump can be installed vertically or horizontally in closed spaces and the accessories permit several installation possibilities.

♦ Suitable for creating groups of up to 4 pumps.

♦ Pump is comprised of a water-cooled motor, protective and sound damping ABS hull, and anti-vibration feet - making the product very quiet.

♦ Variable speed electronics ensure constant pressure in relation to the flow rate.