Staff Member

Kevin Lanthier

General Manager

Kevin has more than 28 years of experience in direct management, development and operations of large scale hotels, condominium properties and small business ventures. He holds a Class II Building Environmental Systems Operators certificate along with several other international accreditations.

Staff Member

Taylor Steede

Customer Service Representative

Taylor joined ClearWater Systems in 2013 and since then has become a valuable customer service representative for the company. Throughout her tenure at ClearWater, Taylor has increased her product knowledge and customer base which has allowed for a service department always ready to meet the next challenge.

Staff Member

Taja Smith

Warehouse Manager

Quickly rising to Warehouse Manager, Taja continues to operate our supply warehouse with professionalism and tenacity. Taja’s product knowledge and attention to detail ensures that our supply stores operate with the efficiency that is needed to meet any and all client demands.

Staff Member

Melvina Burgess

Customer Service & Accounts Representative

Mel, as she is fondly called in the office, has been with ClearWater Systems since 2000 and has been instrumental in improving our customer service and accounts department. Mel’s infectious smile and customer rapport has allowed ClearWater to grow to the company it is today.

Staff Member

Allen Brown

Plumbing and Water Technician

With a vast past and experience in the automotive repair industry, towing industry and business, Allen has been an excellent addition to our team. Allen’s approach to his responsibilities and the quiet manner in which he completes his tasks and interacts with clients is welcome to everyone he deals with.

Staff Member

Louis Gosslin

Certified Plumbing and Water Technician

Louis has worked with ClearWater Systems since 2008 as a licensed plumber and water technician. Louis quickly proved his value and professionalism. His attitude and workmanship has helped bring ClearWater Systems to its current level today.

Staff Member

Jonathan Lowman

Water Technician & Warehouse Assistant

Jon has been with ClearWater since December 2017 and is the newest addition to our team. In the past few months, he has increased his knowledge of water treatment and products and is always willing and able to help our customers.

Staff Member

Matt Plante

Plumbing & Certified Water Technicain

Since joining the team in 2017, Matt has brought his vast knowledge and experiences of plumbing and water filtration to ClearWater Systems. He is always ready and willing to help the other team members and customers. Matt's fun-loving attitude and hard-working nature make him a great addition to the ClearWater team.