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Should I Use a Faucet Mounted Water Filter (Point-of-Use) or a Whole House System (Point-of-Entry)?

The use of whole house water filters is fast becoming extremely popular with homeowners, commercial building landlords, clubs, bars and restaurants alike.

Unlike the POE system (which only protects and filters one supply source of water) a whole house water filter will treat every single drop of water entering your home and is the most cost effective method to give you peace of mind about the quality your home water supply. The whole house water filter can be configured in a wide variety of styles and price levels depending on what contaminants are in your water, your rate of water use and your budget.

One of the most popular configurations of a whole house water filter uses a dual filtration system to remove suspended solids (dirt, rust, dust etc) which will help to clarify the water. The second filter is a carbon filter which will remove foul tastes and odours from the water. The final portion of a quality whole house water filter is an ultraviolet (UV) light which is used to kill all bacterial and viral pathogens that may be (or may potentially get) in your water supply.

The beauty of a whole house water filter like this is that it's an economical way to clean all the water in your home using simple, widely available, proven technology. This is the same type of water filtration that most water bottling plants use specifically because it works and is simple to maintain.

Homeowners can select the proper sized whole house water filter for their specific use. ClearWater Systems has a host of options so there will be a simple system available for any sized household. You must consider amount of water used, number of people in the home and water quality (the specific water contaminants that you may be concerned about) when choosing a whole house water filter for your home.

ClearWater Systems has extensive experience in delivering a whole house water filter that works for you. CWS is the Exclusive distributors for several manufacturers of POE systems. Our PURA UVBB3 is the most popular POE system in Bermuda. Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office to set up a site visit for all your filtration needs.

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