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Kick the Bottle and Start Saving!

You want your family to drink safe, clean, clear water, but you're tired of lifting, lugging, storing and paying high prices for heavy, awkward water bottles.

There is an alternative! Clearwater Systems can help you:
• Save literally hundreds of dollars over the high cost of bottled water
• Have "always on" drinking water that's as safe or safer than bottled water

It just takes a call to ClearWater at 236-3388 or an e-mail to arrange a free water quality evaluation by one of our professional technicians to determine the best water treatment system for your home or office.

ClearWater Systems can provide you with systems that fit neatly under your counter so that your drinking water is clean, safe and clear (we call this a "point of use" system), or design a system that treats all the water in your home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water (we call this a "point of entry" treatment system).

Compare and save with ClearWater!

ClearWater Systems Under Counter Water Treatment

17¢/gal.3 safe, clean, convenient RO water. Cost per gallon based on annual pre and post filter replacement plus membrane replacement every 2-3 years.

• Out of sight installation right under your kitchen sink
• Uses no electricity
• Low maintenance costs (average three year membrane life and one year pre/post filter life)
• Filter costs included in regularly scheduled ClearWater Systems service program
• Easily provides safe, clean, clear water for any one of CoffeeWorks Bermuda's direct plumbed brewers, ice makers, hot water taps and bar sinks
• Reduces molecular sized "Total Dissolved Solids" (TDS)

Bottled Water

$2.39 to $3.50/gal. plus awkward handling & storage 17¢/gal.3 safe, clean, convenient RO water

• Expensive – requires bottle deposits
• Heavy & cumbersome
• Difficult to transport
• Require frequent trips to market
• Storage space required
• Limited uses – not practical for food preparation
• Can not supply other water using appliances
• Cooler models require electricity
• Bottled water is not necessarily safer than ordinary tap water.


Faucet Filters

25¢/gal. Cost per gallon based on replacement cartridge.

• Frequent filter replacements
• Short filter life
• Awkward styling – low decorative appeal
• Lower flow rates than ClearWater under-counter systems
• Clogs easily – even slower flow rates with shorter filter life
• Cannot supply other water using appliances

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