What's in my water?

Hard Water & Treatment

Hard water problems can exist in supply water for a variety of reasons, many individuals are familiar with some of the annoyances caused by hard water. For those with manufacturing equipment or machinery that use hard water, annoyances can often turn into more costly repairs.


Rotten Egg Smell in Your Water

There are few other water problems not quite as recognizable as the water that comes out of the tap smelling like rotten eggs. Many Bermuda homes suffer from this unpleasant odour. Here is why you are experiencing a “rotten egg” smell in your water, the effects it can have, and how to treat it.


Chlorine in Your Drinking Water

If your water smells or tastes like chlorine, the good news is that your drinking water is not contaminated.


Water Smells Musty Fishy or Earthy

Musty Smelling Water that tastes or smells fishy, musty, and earthy is less than desirable to drink and use.


Iron and Manganese in Your Drinking Water

Does your water taste or smell like metal?


Cloudy Drinking Water Problem