Our Services

ClearWater Systems Ltd. is an independent Bermuda-based, full-service water treatment company, focused on the residential, small municipal, and commercial/industrial process water markets in Bermuda

ClearWater Systems has over eighteen years experience in filtration, treatment, softening, reverse osmosis, deionization, ultraviolet sterilization and chlorination among other application technologies. Much of this experience has been in solving unique Bermuda water problems commonly associated with tank water sources. We also have extensive experience in rehabilitating and servicing many other manufacturers’ products. As well we handle a vast range of parts and expendables.

Our mission as a water treatment dealer is to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. We will respond promptly and honestly to your inquiries, and provide a lasting solution to your water treatment challenges. As an independent dealer, ClearWater Systems will work for you in sorting out the large range of technologies and manufacturers to bring you true value in your final result

ClearWater Systems provides many services to the Bermuda public at large including but not limited to:

1) Providing direct sales through our Harvey Road address.
2) Supply and Support Point of Entry and Point of Use filtration systems for residential and commercial use.
3) Offering both Sales and Rental options for the majority of our filtration products.
4) Providing full and partial service contracts for all equipment and filtration products.
5) Providing technical support after a water test is completed, assuring you have the right. equipment for your unique circumstances.
6) Providing a large array of plumbing parts, fittings and supplies through our plumbing supply warehouse.
7) Providing plumbing services and support for a large range of plumbing needs.