Our Exclusive Products



At ClearWater Systems, we distribute several bands of Remote and Counter-Top Coolers including; ION and G5

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POU Filtration Systems

Our Point of Use filtration systems offers superb filtration and water quality. We represent 3M, Watts, Pura and a host of other manufacturers.

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We distribute Walrus and DAB pumps along with traditional Myers and Goulds. We also stock parts for several brands of pumps.

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UV Systems

Our partners, Viqua, Pura and Luminor all have excellent UV systems which can be designed to fit your required specifications.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whether it’s 100 to 10 000 gallons a day production, ClearWater Systems has the right RO system for you.

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POE Filtration Systems

Our combination filtration and UV systems allow for the delivery of clean, fresh water to all points of use in the main pumping system.

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ClearWater Systems Ltd. is proud to represent and distribute some of the best water filtration and delivery products available. Our exclusive rights with the majority of our clients assures customers their products are the high quality, are covered under warranty and will deliver unparalleled water quality for Point of Use and /or Point of Entry systems.

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